"Beautiful skin is also the result of proper care. You can do that at home, but we at Era Esthetic can help you at support you in the best possible way.
Sincerely, Yours Christina"

Treatments at Era Estandingtic

  • Laser hair removal with alexandrite laser and Nd. YAG lasers
  • Tattoo removal with picosecond laser
  • Laser treatment of acne scars, wrinkles, striae with picosecond laser
  • Treatment of redness, red and blue veins with Vbeam dye laser
  • treatments with medical microneedling
  • Fat-Way Syringe
  • Wrinkle treatment with hyaluron, prophilo
  • Vitamin C infusions

Vocational training

  • Laser Expert Alexandrite Laser, Picosecond Laser, Nd:YAG Laser, VBeam Dye Laser
  • Laser expertise course according to TROS - laser radiation and DGUV principle 303-005
  • Injection treatments hyaluron, fat-away syringe, prophilo
  • Infusion therapies