Hex hex witch hair – how do I get rid of the hair?

07 March 2022

witch hair

Witch hair is small hair, usually on the chin or upper lip. Probably the most unpopular body hair in women and most of them are not spared in the course of life – why it grows and what you can do about it!


Witch hair, also called devil hair or bristle hair, usually grows below the chin or above the upper lip and is often thicker and longer in structure than other hairs on the face. Witch hair often grows on birthmarks. They are seen as particularly annoying on the face in particular, but they can also appear on other parts of the body – for example on the back or stomach.

It has not yet been scientifically clarified exactly how the annoying hair on the face develops. Fluctuations in hormonal balance can affect the growth of witch hair. That is why women are often particularly affected during the menopause. But also weight loss or weight gain, as well as hormonal contraceptives can mess up the estrogen level. This often leads to an excess of testosterone, which in turn can lead to increased facial hair growth.

The term witch hair is colloquial and was probably adopted because witches are usually described as ugly in fairy tales. The witches usually sprout black hair on their prominent chins.

Technically, one speaks of hirsutism and defines the hair in women that is similar to the male distribution pattern (chin, upper lip, neck, etc.).


When witch hairs appear sporadically, most remove them with tweezers. By plucking, the stubborn bristles often grow back particularly quickly. Many suffer from inflammation or ingrown hairs. Of course, shaving, epilating and waxing are other ways to get rid of hair.

Witch hair on moles requires extra care when removing it, as it can damage or irritate the skin underneath, or inflame the mole. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist here.


If the constant plucking is too annoying, permanent removal using a laser is recommended.

The most modern technology of the Alexandrite laser is used here at the center of Era Esthetic. The laser focuses on the hair follicles at the root and gently destroys them with the heat generated. This results in permanent hair removal over the course of several treatments. The surrounding skin is spared. Thanks to the patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ using liquid coolant, pain-free and therefore the gentlest laser hair removal that is currently available on the market!

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