The unique anti-aging treatment concept with an immediate regenerative dual effect for tired, dehydrated and slack skin.

PROFHILO - Bio-Remodeling

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The unique composition of PROFHILO ® stimulates the body's own hyaluronic acid production and supports the formation of elastin and collagen.

The result: smoother, firmer skin and a naturally fresh appearance with a youthful radiance.

PROFHILO ® was designed to improve skin quality over the long term. It gives the skin back what has been lost over the years and thus acts as an "accelerator of the aging process".

Prophilo technology

Suitable for all skin types

Immediate regenerative dual action for smoother, firmer skin

Stimulating the body's own hyaluron production

Support of elastin and collagen formation

Remains in the tissue 30 times longer than uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid

Good compatibility due to the absence of additives


Is PROFHILO biocompatible?

PROFHILO ® has a unique, patented formulation. When exposed to heat, high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid combines to form a hybrid molecule. This thermal crosslinking makes additives (such as BDDE) unnecessary. This results in excellent compatibility of the product.

PROFHILO® is a highly pure hyaluronic acid that floods the skin with moisture from the inside thanks to its strong water-attracting effect. The body's own hyaluronic acid production is stimulated and the formation of elastin and collagen is supported.


The absence of additives stands for the best tolerability and minimizes the risk of side effects.

PROFHILO® can be combined with all common fillers, PRP, laser and botulinum treatments.

Is PROFHILO effective?

Due to the special manufacturing process, PROFHILO® remains in the tissue 30 times longer than non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (as found in mesotherapy products), where it develops its hydrating and stimulating effect.

PROFHILO® contains 64mg hyaluronic acid per 2ml product, making it one of the most highly concentrated hyaluronic acid products on the world market.

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