Natural thread lift in Frankfurt

Our thread lift treatments are a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical facelift or neck lift. It is designed to improve visible signs of aging on the face, jawline and neck.

Thread lifting: correction & tightening

Have you ever thought about a face lift or skin tightening? Previously, this required an operation with correspondingly high costs and risks.

Our thread lift treatments are a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical facelift or neck lift. It is designed to improve visible signs of aging on the face, jawline and neck by lifting sagging skin. In a thread lift, dissolvable threads with strategically placed barbs are placed beneath the skin's surface, lifting your skin against gravity into a more youthful - and very natural - position. Soft lifting with VENUS V-Line threads or our new lifting product from MINTLIFT offer you gentler and more effective alternatives.



    about 40-60 minutes


    VENUS V Line/




    0 days


    about 2 years


    from €35

    How does a thread lift work?

    A thread lift involves passing specially designed threads beneath the surface of your skin to reach the areas that need rejuvenation the most. These threads contain a series of tiny barbs that lift your facial skin into a more youthful position and tighten areas of crepey, sagging skin. While the barbs reinforce your skin's underlying structure, they stimulate your body's production of valuable collagen and elastin to encourage further rejuvenation. All of this is performed at our center in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen using local anesthesia, so you can comfortably relax during the treatment.

    Areas of application: In principle, all areas of the body can be treated with VENUS V-Line and MINT threads, but the treatments mainly take place in the following zones:

    • forehead and temple area
    • eyebrows
    • cheek and jaw area
    • neck and cleavage
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    Instantly visible, natural-looking lift


    No change in natural facial features


    Without surgical interventions, without anesthesia


    Long-lasting results

    The treatment

    Thread lifting treatments with VENUS V-Line lifting threads are almost painless because the relevant areas are locally anesthetized beforehand.

    The number of threads to be used depends on the area to be tightened and your wishes. There is no restriction here.

    The 100% resorbable threads are inserted subcutaneously, i.e. under the skin, with the help of a very thin guide needle and then form a stable network which, thanks to the tension of the threads and the increased build-up of endogenous collagen and fibrin, restores the skin structure in the treated area clearly visible but also natural-looking tightens and repositions the tissue to its original position.

    The needles are removed and what remains is a non-visible suture structure. Any slight swelling or hematoma (bruises) that may occur depend on the number of sutures placed and the area being treated.

    However, these are unproblematic, can be covered with make-up at any time and fade away quickly. Different areas can be tightened during one treatment.

    A combination with other therapies, such as hyaluron injections, is also possible.


    In contrast to a "big", surgical facelift, the soft-lift is about the formation of new connective tissue and the reconstruction of collagen scaffolding and not about pulling the tissue into a position.

    Your natural facial expression is fully preserved. The soft lifting lasts up to 2 years and can be repeated at any time without any problems.

    The resorbable threads dissolve again completely after approx. 6-8 months.

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    Thread lift prices


    After a successful consultation, you are free to decide whether you would rather book each treatment individually or for yourself
    choose one of the advantage packages.

    individual prices

    BehandlungEinzelpreisab 10 Fäden
    PDO thread lift (Venus V-Line)50,-€ / Faden40,-€ / Faden
    COG Thread Lift (MINTLIFT)399,-€ für 4 Fäden-

    FAQ thread lift

    When does treatment make sense?

    The new soft thread lift is used at the first signs of a face lift, where a complete total face lift combined with a surgical procedure does not yet appear to be available or is not desired.

    Requirements for the thread lift in Frankfurt

    Men and women interested in diminishing the visible signs of aging to maintain a more youthful appearance without invasive surgery or downtime may be good candidates for a Frankfurt thread lift. The thread lift is ideal for people who have mild to moderate problems with skin sagging, lines and wrinkles. It is also particularly good for enhancing cheeks and jawline definition.

    Am I socially acceptable after the treatment?

    As a rule, one is socially acceptable after the treatment.

    Wie lange ist ein Ergebnis sichtbar?

    Das Soft-Lifting hält bis zu 2 Jahren und kann jederzeit problemlos wiederholt werden.

    Die resorbierbaren Fäden lösen sich nach ca. 6-8 Monaten wieder vollständig auf.

    Welche Zonen eignen sich für ein Fadenlifting?

    Grundsätzlich sind alle Areale des Körpers mit Fäden behandelbar, überwiegend findet jedoch die Behandlungen an folgenden Zonen statt:

    • Stirn- und Schläfenbereich
    • Augenbrauen
    • Wangen- und Kieferbereich
    • Hals und Dekolleté

    Ist die Behandlung schmerzhaft?

    Fadenlifting Behandlungen sind nahezu schmerzfrei, da die entsprechenden Bereiche zuvor örtlich betäubt werden.

    Was ist vor dem Fadenlifting zu beachten?

    • Keine Behandlung bei Schwangerschaft/Stillzeit, bei Einnahme von Medikamenten wie Antibiotikum oder Kortison, Blutverdünner wie Marcumar oder Aspirin

    • Anmeldung bei Terminvereinbarung ob Betäubungscreme gewünscht ist 

    • Keine Behandlung bei Eingriffen mit Hyaluron oder Fruchtsäure in den vorangegangenen 6 Wochen

    Was ist nach dem Fadenlifting zu beachten?

    • Bei Stärkerer Schwellung kühlen

    • 7 Tage Verzicht auf: heftige Grimassen, Solarium, Sonne, Sauna, Sport, Gesichtsbehandlungen  (wie. Spa, Masken usw.), heiße Dusche u.Ä.

    • 3 Wochen keine Gesichtsmassagen oder Ausreinigungen

    • Überkorrekturen sind meist beabsichtig und gleichen sich nach bis zu 14 Tage aus

    • Treten starke Schmerzen oder Befindlichkeitsstörungen (Schwindel oder Übelkeit) auf, kontaktieren sie uns

    • Leichte Knackgeräusche im Gewebe sind normal und bezeichnen das Setzen der Fäden

    • Hämatome können mit Make-up nach 24 Stunden abgedeckt werden

    • Schlafen sie auf dem Rücken für mindestens 3 Tage um den Druck auf das Gesichtsgewebe so gering wie möglich zu halten

    • Versuchen sie Druck auf das Gesicht zu vermeiden und entfernen sie sich bildeten Schorf nicht manuell

    • Leichtes Kribbeln in den ersten beiden Monaten möglich

    • 4 Wochen keine Laserbehandlung

    • 3 Wochen keine Zahnbehandlungen

    • 14 Tage nach der Behandlung bitte den Kontrolltermin wahrnehmen

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