cooltech - Cryolipolysis

The cooltech system is a new type of device for cryolipolysis treatment.

Cooltech for cryolipolysis


This innovative, non-invasive technology uses a vacuum to suck the tissue towards the two cold elements, temporarily reducing blood circulation. This prepares the tissue and supports the application of cryolipolysis.

The two integrated cooling elements within the applicator are used to cool the suctioned skin and fat layers to low temperatures for around 60 minutes.

cooltechis a purely medical cryolipolysis system.

The device is approved as a medical device in Germany and has been approved for use in medical centers.

Cooltech cryolipolysis

State-of-the-art technology

Particularly low-risk

For almost all body regions

No restriction after treatment

No scarring, as no surgery is necessary

Fast results

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