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Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on the perfect choice for your skin and requirements.


    The Organic Pharmacy

    The English company The Organic Pharmacy consists of 100% natural products, based on the latest techniques and scientific knowledge, and hand-blended in their own laboratory in London. The result is a wonderful collection of skincare products that harness the power of over 250 medicinal herbs, backed by homeopathic and cosmetic knowledge.

    As well as being natural, Organic Pharmacy strives to be 100% organic, free of microplastics and ethically responsible. In this way, Organic Pharmacy sets the standard for clean beauty, delivering serious results with minimal impact on the world around us.

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    For more than a century, Beiersdorf, the company behind the Eucerin brand, has stood for groundbreaking innovations in skin care products. Right from the start, research and product development formed an inseparable unit with dermatological research.

    Our comprehensive range of Eucerin skincare products offers solutions to a range of skin concerns including very dry skin, sensitive skin, anti-aging and anti-pigmentation products for the face, hands and body. All Eucerin products are clinically tested, offer excellent skin compatibility and have proven effectiveness - for healthy, radiant skin.



    Almost everyone is familiar with impurities such as pimples, blackheads or acne, often due to a rather oily skin. Oily skin is characterized by large pores and cornification disorders. The reason for this is hyperactive sebaceous glands. There are two forms of seborrhea: the dull, dry skin with blackheads, scales and increased sensitivity (seborrhea sicca), and the oily, shiny form with inflammatory blemishes and a tendency to acne (seborrhea oleosa). REVIDERM specifically regulates the different manifestations of oily skin with efficient combinations of active ingredients and brings it back to purity. In the case of only partial or occasional impurities, special products provide a quick remedy.


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