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Feeling comfortable in your skin, that is our aim at ERA Esthetic

Years of experience in the fields of "aesthetic medicine & laser dermatology" with over a thousand satisfied customers.

Only advanced and innovative laser devices are used in all of our European locations.

With the help of modern technologies, signs of skin aging, skin problems and blemishes can be treated effectively and in the shortest possible time and without surgical intervention.


The professionalism of the practitioners and lasers that meet the highest standards in the world.


Thanks to the latest technologies, we guarantee safety and comfort during the treatment.


Outstanding results through the latest scientific standards.

ERA history

Almost 12 years ago, the dermatologist Dr. Jurgita Stoskiène established the ERA ESTHETIC laser center in Vilnius (Lithuania). Only advanced and innovative laser devices are used in the European centers in Lithuania, Latvia and Germany. The first German branch was opened in Frankfurt in 2016.

The ERA ESTHETIC logo represents the eternal desire to be beautiful and take care of your body. The classically beautiful woman shrouded in rays symbolizes laser beams and conveys the development of aesthetics from ancient beauty rituals to the most advanced laser dermatology. The oak and laurel branches that the woman holds in her hands are symbols of strength and splendor, while the golden color palette represented by the laser beams demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality, uniqueness, professionalism and perfection.

ERA success

The ERA ESTHETIC cosmetic and laser medical center continues to demonstrate the values of our European centers and constantly improves our innovative technologies, which are used in many skin problems and which achieve impressive and effective results without causing surgical incisions, sutures or post-operative side effects.
The aesthetic and laser medical center ERA ESTHETIC offers a wide range of services in the field of aesthetics and laser dermatology and medicine, as well as cosmetology. In order to ensure further development and progress, we expanded the first German branch in Frankfurt in 2020, added more treatment rooms and new treatments.