Would you like vitamin C?

With biological vitamin cocktails, micronutrients are supplied in very high concentrations.

Vitamin C Infusion - Cocktail in Frankfurt

Administration directly into the blood is the best way to replenish vital vitamin and mineral depots quickly and continuously.

With a healthy portion of fruit and vegetables, you can cover the daily requirement for vitamins and micronutrients, provided our intestines are in good working order, but if deficiencies need to be compensated for more quickly, a single infusion, which only lasts a few minutes, will help to meet the need for missing substances immediately cover.

In the Center for Aesthetics and Laser Medicine we use natural remedies from the Pascoe company. For 120 years, the traditional family business has placed the highest value on quality and manufactures products from plant-based raw materials that come from sustainable ecological cultivation.


approx. 20-40 minutes


Depending on the application




0 days




from 85,- €


Vitamin C high dose

High doses of vitamin C can directly counteract a deficiency situation, as the vitamin C quickly reaches all the body's cells via our veins and thus remains in our body for a longer period of time.


Vitamin Power Special

Vitamin C, Lymphdiaral, B-complex, B1, B6, B12, zinc, magnesium, calcium: a nutrient-rich cocktail to reduce seasonal allergies and fatigue, fibromyalgia symptoms, after serious illnesses and to strengthen the immune system


DETOX- Detoxification

Vitamin C, Lymphdiaral, Cholo 2, Pasconeural, B 12: toxins are flushed out I important organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin are reactivated


Anti-stress power cure

High-dose vitamin C, vitamin: B12 depot, B1, B6, lymphdiaral, folic acid: for more energy I strong nerves I positive mood I increased ability to concentrate


Anti-stress power treatment for women

The anti-stress power cure combines high doses of vitamin C and a vitamin 12 depot for pure energy and high performance. Especially for women with hormonal fluctuations


Skin, hair, nails

High-dose vitamin C, Lymphdiaral, Cholo 2, Pascorenal: for strengthening the immune system, healthy skin, shiny hair and strong, firm nails

Prices of infusion therapy

After a successful consultation, you are free to decide whether you would prefer to book each treatment individually or opt for
choose one of the benefit packages.

Unit prices

BehandlungEinzelpreis4er Paket
Anti-stress power cure€99320,-€
Anti-stress power cure - women's special€99320,-€
Beauty - Skin, hair & nails€99320,-€
Detox - detoxification from within - 4 week cure-450,-€ / 4 week cure
Vitamin C high dose€85300,-€
Vitamin Power Special€119€399
Extra vitamin C high dose with a facial55,-€-

FAQ Infusion therapy

How does the vitamin infusion work?

The vitamin C preparation is dissolved in physiological saline and slowly administered over 30-40 minutes. One treatment should be given each week for a period of 4-8 weeks. The therapy should ideally be repeated annually.

Advantages of an infusion compared to powder or tablets

The amount of vitamin C that can be supplied to the body via the gastrointestinal tract is limited. What the body does not absorb is simply excreted - the excess is often noticeable as diarrhea. After an infusion with high doses of vitamin C, the vitamin C level in the blood is temporarily so high that regions of the body with a particular need can also be adequately supplied.

What about the costs?

The high-dose vitamin C therapy is an IGeL service that is not covered by statutory health insurance. Therefore it is a private service.

How long does a vitamin infusion take?

The vitamin C preparation is dissolved in physiological saline solution and serves as a carrier for possible further preparations and is administered slowly over 30-40 minutes.

How often should I repeat an infusion?

One treatment should be given each week over a period of 4-8 weeks.