Pay for your treatment conveniently in installments

Easy financing with medipay.

0% financing

It is now possible for you to conveniently pay for your desired treatment in installments. You determine the rate and term yourself!

You can take advantage of financing from €600 - click here for the installment calculator:

We at ERA Esthetic would be happy to advise you personally in a conversation about the individual options for your partial payment.


1. Fill out the application

The consultation has already taken place, then you can fill out the application with the corresponding loan amount online or download the financing application in pdf format here and send it according to the instructions.

2. Processing in progress

Now it's time to wait a little while. In most cases, the decision is made within a few days. As soon as the check has been completed by our partner medipay, you will receive feedback by post.

3. You have mail

Please bring this letter with you to the treatment appointment. For the legitimation check, we ask you to present your identity card or passport on this day. Then nothing stands in the way of your treatment!