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ERA Esthetic Prices

CONSULTATION FEE25 €(is taken into account)

Here you will find all current prices of our laser treatments

Laser hair removal prices

OFFER CODE “SPRING”EinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 6er-Paket
COMBI “FULL BODY” (face to toe)589 € (7̵4̵9̵ ̵€̵)489 € (6̵4̵9̵ ̵€̵)
COMBI "PLATIN" (neck down)540 € (6̵9̵9̵ ̵€̵)439 € (5̵2̵9̵ ̵€̵)
COMBI "UPPER BODY" (back, shoulder girdle, neck, chest and stomach)379 € (5̵4̵9̵ ̵€̵)339 €
COMBI "LOWER BODY" (intimate area complete, buttocks legs, feet)379 € (5̵4̵9̵ ̵€̵)339 €
COMBI "GOLD" (armpits, legs and intimate parts complete)279 € (5̵4̵9̵ ̵€̵)255 € (3̵4̵9̵ ̵€̵)
COMBI "LADY" (lower legs, armpits and intimate area complete)199 € (3̵8̵9̵ ̵€̵)189 € (2̵8̵9̵ ̵€̵)
COMBI "SILVER" (armpits and intimate area complete)139 € (2̵3̵9̵ ̵€̵)127 € (1̵7̵9̵ ̵€̵)
COMBI “FACE” (incl. neck)99 € (1̵6̵9̵ ̵€̵)90 € (1̵3̵9̵ ̵ ̵€̵)
lower legs and intimate area complete159 €139 €
Intimate area complete115 € (1̵7̵9̵ ̵€̵)105 € (1̵3̵9̵ ̵€̵)
Intimate area contour99 €90 €
Armpits69 €64 €
Legs total299 €289 €
PaketpreiseEinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 6er-Paket
KOMBI "FULL BODY" (face to toe)€749€649
KOMBI "PLATIN" (neck down)€699€529
KOMBI "BRONZE" (armpits, legs & arms; intimate complete)€619€419
KOMBI "UPPER BODY" (back, shoulder girdle, neck, chest, abdomen)€549€349
KOMBI "LOWER BODY" (intimate are complete, buttocks, legs & feet)€549€349
KOMBI "GOLD" (armpits, legs & intimate area complete)€549€349
KOMBI "LADY" (lower legs, armpits, intimate area complete)389,-€€289
PACK "GENTLEMAN" (back, shoulder girdle, neck)€389€289
KOMBI "LEGS" (thighs/lowers & feet)€379€269
KOMBI "ARMS" (armpits, arms, hands)€249€199
KOMBI "BELLY" (chest, belly)€239€199
KOMBI "SILVER" (armpits & intimate area complete)€239€179
KOMBI "FACE" (incl. neck)€169€139
KOMBI "UPPER LIP" (upper lip, chin)€109€89
BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 6er-Paket
upper lip€6955,-€
ear canals/nostrils€6955,-€
nipple area€6955,-€
both hand and finger areas€69€59
median line79€€69
head approach109-€€89
beard, neck129-€€109
Intimate area contour€109€99
Intimate area complete179-€€139
shoulder girdle159-€€129
both armpit areas€89€69
upper arms149-€€119
both lower legs249-€€179
both thigh areas259-€€189
gluteal area139-€€109

Prices Laser Treatment Lines & Wrinkles (PicoWay Resolve)

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 3er-Paket
Eye area199,-€159,-€
Whole face449,-€349,-€
mouth area199,-€159,-€

Prices laser treatment skin tightening / skin renewal (CO2RE)

Entire facial area€529
area around the eyes€259
"Add on" PRP/Vampire lifting after laser treatment€200

Prices laser treatment spider veins

Individual vessels199,-€
Thigh complete279,-€
Lower leg complete269,-€
whole legs499,-€

Prices for laser treatment for redness, rosacea (Vbeam laser)

TreatmentSingle priceSingle price for package of 3
Single vessel€99€89
Full face399 € (4̶̶3̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)299 €
Upper lip€99€79
Cheaks and nose€229€206

Prices Laser Treatment Acne Scars, Scars & Pores (PikoWay Resolve)

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 3er-Paket
Acne scars entire face area449,-€€349
Acne scars forehead€229€179
Acne scars cheeks€269€219
Acne scars mouth area€199€159
Acne scars neck€399€349
Acne scars décolleté449,-€€349
Acne scars upper back€529€429
Single scarsfrom 109,-€-

Prices laser treatment acne scars, scars & pores (CO2RE)

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 3er-Paket
Acne scars entire face area€599€499
Acne scars forehead€299€249
Acne scars cheeks€399€299
Acne scars mouth area€249€199
Acne scars neck€549449,-€
Acne scars décolleté€699€599
Acne scars upper back799,-€€699
Single scarsfrom 109,-€-
"Add on" PRP/Vampire lifting after laser treatment200,-€-

Prices laser treatment stretch marks / striae

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 3er-Paket
Inner thighs of the outside€499€399

Prices laser treatment pigment spots

Single pigment spots€ 110
Area around the eyes€ 199
Cleavage€ 298
Full Face€ 299
Hands€ 199
Chin€ 129
Forehead€ 219
Cheaks€ 260
Face + neck€ 350
Face + neck + cleavage + neck€ 520
"Add-on" PRP/Vampire lifting after laser treatments€ 200

Prices laser treatment fibromas and warts

Removal of benign skin lesions (fibromas, sebaceous deposits, warts, keratoses, etc.)from 129,-€

Prices laser treatment tattoo removal

We would be happy to advise you free of charge on the fastest and most effective method for your tattoo
removed with the picosecond laser. During the consultation we will create an individual offer for you.

BehandlungSingle pricePrice pack of 4Price pack of 6Price pack of 8
Permanent make-up eyebrows149,-€139,-€129,-€109,-€
Tiny (2x4 cm)139,-€129,-€119,-€109,-€
Small (5x10 cm)209,-€189,-€169,-€149,-€
Medium (10x10 cm)289,-€269,-€249,-€219,-€
Large (20x30 cm)389,-€369,-€349,-€309,-€

Prices HIFU Ultraformer treatment

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 2er Paket
Face + chin (excluding forehead area)789 € (9̶̶3̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)689 € (8̶̶3̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Face including forehead899 € (1̶̶0̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)799 € (9̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
face + neck1199 € (1̶̶3̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)999 € (1̶̶1̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Face + neck + chin1588 € (1̶̶7̶̶3̶̶8̶̶ ̶€)1288 € (1̶̶4̶̶3̶̶8̶̶ ̶€)
Face + neck + décolleté + chin1977 € (2̶̶1̶̶2̶̶7̶̶ ̶€)1577 € (1̶̶7̶̶2̶̶7̶̶ ̶€)
Cheeks, jawline799 € (9̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)699 € (8̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Jawline, double chin689 € (8̶̶3̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)589 € (7̶̶3̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Area around the eyes399 € (5̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)299 € (4̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Eyes/dark circles349 € (4̶̶9̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)269 € (3̶̶5̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Tightening eyelids and eyebrows369 € (5̶̶1̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)279 € (3̶̶6̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Forehead389 € (5̶̶3̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)300 € (4̶̶1̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Neck350 € (5̶̶0̶̶0̶̶ ̶€)290 € (3̶̶8̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)
Décolleté499 € (6̶̶4̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)399 € (5̶̶2̶̶9̶̶ ̶€)

Here you will find all current prices of our aesthetic treatments

Prices mesotherapy

BehandlungUNIT PriceUnit Price in a 2-Pack
Dark circles Nucleofill€200€175
Dark circles RRS Eyes€190€163
Face Nucleofill€270€250
Neck Nucleofill€270€250
Face Dermaheal 5ml€200€175
Hair Dermaheal 5ml€180€160
Hair Dr. CYJ Hairfiller€250€200

Prices radiofrequency microneedling (Secret RF)

TreatmentUnit priceUnit price in a 3-Pack
Facial (Full Face)€320€289
Face and neck€440€389
Face and neck and décolleté€520€469
"Ad-on" Dermaheal€89
"Ad-on" Dermaheal€179

Prices Medical Microneedling

BehandlungUnit PriceUnit Price in a 3-Pack
Facial (Full Face)€289€239
Face and neck€329€279
Upper back€349€299
Thigh (outside)€349€299
Thigh (Inside)€349€299
Combination facial + microneedling€329€259
"Add-on" Nanobottle (Dermaheal)€89
"Add-on" Nanobottle (Cebelia)€75
"Add on" PRP/Vampire Lifting€179

Prices Profhilo

Profhilo face€320
Profhilo face 2 times€549
Profhilo bodyfrom €320

Prices biocevitalizations - Aquashine

Aquashine 1x€270
Aquashine 3x€659

Prices injections of succinic and hyaluronic acid – redermalization

Xela Rederm 1x€270
Xela Rederm 3x€659

Thread lift prices

Bb 15 threads 30% discount. The price refers to one thread. The number of threads is discussed individually in advance in a free consultation.

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis ab 10 Fäden
PDO thread lift (Venus V-Line)€60€49
COG Thread Lift (MINTLIFT)449,-€ for 4 threads-

Prices for high-dose vitamin therapies

TreatmentPrice single dosePrice single dose 3-pack
Vitamin C high dose€85€75
Vitamin Power Special€119€109
Beauty for skin, hair, nails€99€89
Anti-stress power cure€99€89
Anti-stress power treatment especially for women€99€89
DETOX - detoxification from the inside - 4 week treatment-€399 / 4 weeks cure
Additional vitamin C high-dose infusion to the hydrafacial€55-
Additional ear acupuncture - 3 needles stay in the ear 2 weeks)€20
Add-on acupuncture€100

Prices acupuncture

Skin, hair, nails: infusion + ear acupuncture420,-€
Anti-aging: Vitamin Power Special Infusion + Ear Acupuncture€499
Metabolism/ Body: Detox Infusion + Ear Acupuncture450,-€
Anti-Stress: Anti Stress Power Cure Infusion + Ear Acupuncture450,-€
Additionally bookable: 3 permanent needles (which can remain in the ear for about 2 weeks)20,-€

Prices lip injections - hyaluronic acid

lip volume buildingfrom 279,-€

Prices face injections - hyaluronic acid

TreatmentSingle price
Wrinkle injections décolleté, neck, cheeks, mouth, chin, jawline, etc.from €279
Injection for nasolabial folds, smoker's lines, pleated folds, tear ducts, dark circles under the eyesfrom €279

Prices Injection - botulinum toxin

TreatmentSingle price
1 zones€199
2 zones€299
3 zones€399
Armpitsfrom €499
Masseter (jaw)from €499

Prices Injection - PRP/vampire lifting

TreatmentSingle price

Here you will find all the current prices for our cosmetic treatments

Prices eyelashes, eyebrows, lash extensions, permanent make-up

TreatmentSingle price
Brow lifting€69
Lash lifting€69
Brow Henna€69
Brow & Lash Lifting€135
Brow Lifting & Brow Henna€140
Brow & Lash Lifting & Brow Henna€200
Soft ombé brows€450
Powder brows€450
Lips permanent make-up€500
Eyelash extension classic€139
Eyelash extension hybrid€159
Eyelash extension volume€179
Eyelash extension wispy look€199

Prices HydraFacial facial treatment

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis bei 4er PaketEinzelpreis bei 8er Paket
HydraFacial Classic - New Clients (45 min.)€129
HydraFacial - Classic (50 min.)€159€149135,-€
HydraFacial - Impure skin (60 min.)€169€159145,-€
HydraFacial - Luxury (Face, Neck & Décolleté) (75 min.)€189€179165,-€
HydraFacial - Back (75 min.)€209€189165,-€
Combination therapy: facial treatment + microneedling (90 min.) - single appointment€329€259
HydraFacial - Botty (75 min.)€179€169€155
"Add-on" Nanobottle (Dermaheal)€89
"Add-on" Nanobottle (Cebelia)€75

Prices Reviderm - Facial Treatment

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis im 4er Paket
Reviderm- New customers (45min)€125-
Reviderm Acne Face (60 min.)€159€149
Reviderm Acne Face, Neck and Décolleté (75 min.)€179€169
Reviderm couperose treatment face (60 min.)€159€149
Reviderm couperose treatment face, neck and décolleté (75 min.)€179€169
Combination therapy facial + microneedling (90 min)€309€239
"Add-on" Nanobottle (Dermaheal)€89
"Add-on" Nanobottle (Cebelia)€75

Here you will find all current prices for our body shaping treatments

Prices CoolTech® cryolipolysis

Flanks (Love Handles)€289
inner thigh€289
thighs (saddlebags)€289
Banana Roll (area below the buttocks)€289

Prices for injection lipolysis (fat-away injection)

Small areas (e.g. chin, knees)from 229,-€
Larger areas (e.g. abdomen, hips, thighs, etc.)from €319
Combination Package 2s Fat Away Scribe Chin and 8s Package Venus Legacy Chin€899

Prices of orange peel treatment

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis bei 8er Paket
Po (duration 40 min.)€289€209
Thighs (duration 80 min.)389,-€€259

Scope reduction prices

BehandlungEinzelpreisEinzelpreis bei 8er Paket
Belly (duration 40 min.)€289€209
Po (duration 40 min.)€289€209
Thighs (duration 80 min.)389,-€€259
Arms (duration 20 min.)€289€209
Face (duration 30 min.)€229€199
Neck (duration 30 min.)€229€199
Chin (duration 20 min.)€199€129
Combination Package 2s Fat Away Scribe Chin and 8s Package Venus Legacy Chin€899