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Lip correction with hyaluronic acid is a gentle way to adjust the shape and size of the lips according to the client's wishes.

Lip injections with hyaluronic acid

Cosmetic measures often no longer achieve the desired effect, and if the natural size of the lips or their shape is no longer appealing, hyaluron treatments are used. The enlargement of the lips is achieved by the hyaluron gel. Hyaluron occurs naturally in the organism - it is pure, fully absorbable. The hyaluronic preparation combines with water molecules, thus filling the lips evenly, correcting and moisturizing them. With increasing age, the production of hyaluron and collagen in the body decreases; treatment with hyaluronic acid is the most effective way to restore the lost amount. Excellent results can be achieved with this filling with hyaluronic acid: the lips regain their youthful appearance, the lips are given contour, volume and shape, small wrinkles around the lips are filled, asymmetry is corrected. After the treatment, the effect is immediately visible, which is why this treatment is very popular among patients.



    about 30 minutes






    0 days


    about 1 year


    from €269

    Course of treatment of a lip injection with hyaluronic acid

    During your hyaluronic acid lip augmentation consultation, our experts will assess and discuss with you the relevant anatomy and aesthetic proportions of the lower third of the face when considering lip augmentation. After your consultation, you will receive more information about the most suitable procedure for you, the costs and any preliminary examinations that may be required.

    If you would like more information or would like to arrange a consultation for lip augmentation, please contact the ERA Esthetic Frankfurt office, we will be happy to advise you.

    Lip Injection Era Estandingtic



    Instant freshness and moisture


    Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles


    Short treatment, gentle and painless


    Increase in collagen in the skin, resulting in a plumping of the desired skin area

    What is Hyaluronic Acid?

    Hyaluron occurs naturally in the human organism. With their help, moisture is maintained in the cells. One molecule of hyaluron binds about 1000 water molecules. Thus, the elasticity of the skin is maintained and the skin looks young. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases, which is why the skin becomes dry, small wrinkles appear, which deepen and become clearly visible. With decreasing moisture content and loss of elasticity, the skin tissue sags over time and deepening of the facial lines occurs.

    Hyaluronic fillers consist of crystalline hyaluronic gel. After being injected into the skin, it spreads evenly due to the high concentration and successfully fills up the lack of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, injected under the skin with a fine needle, strongly moisturizes the skin, fills in wrinkles, gives volume to the tissue, models the contours of the face and improves the color of the skin.

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    Lip injection prices


    After a successful consultation, you are free to decide whether you would rather book each treatment individually or for yourself
    choose one of the advantage packages.

    individual prices

    Injection for nasolabial folds, smoker's lines, pleated folds, tear ducts, dark circles under the eyesfrom €269
    Wrinkle injections décolleté, neck, cheeks, mouth, chin, jawline, etc.from €269
    lip volume buildingfrom €269

    FAQ lip injections

    How many applications are needed?

    As a rule, a check-up appointment takes place 2-3 weeks after your injection. At this check-up appointment, we will discuss whether the previous result corresponds to your satisfaction and whether any corrections or improvements should be made.

    How long does a treatment take?

    You appear punctually at your agreed appointment for the injection with hyaluronic acid. 30-45 minutes before the actual treatment, a numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area. Then the treatment takes place with the experts. The duration of the treatment with hyaluronic acid is about 30 minutes, depending on your wishes, goal and amount

    What do I have to pay attention to before the treatment?

    All make-up must be removed before the treatment, so please come with a clean face if possible. Alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, and a number of supplements including St. John's Wort, fish oils, gingko biloba, vitamins C and E can cause bruising and should be avoided 24 hours prior to treatment. Treatment cannot be carried out if there is an active skin infection, including acne or cold sores, or if you are unwell, e.g. B. for colds, coughs, sore throats, etc. Contact the clinic to discuss any illnesses or new medications before coming for treatment.

    Do not plan treatment if you have other procedures planned without first discussing this with your therapist. This applies to massages, facials, dental appointments and surgeries, among other things.

    What do I have to pay attention to immediately after the treatment?

    The most common side effects occur within 24 hours or immediately after treatment. These include swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness.
    Immediate side effects usually disappear within a few days. However, depending on the type of dermal filler used, this may take a few weeks.
    We recommend a free follow-up appointment 2 weeks after treatment to discuss your individual treatment results.

    What should I pay attention to after the treatment?

    After treatment, some reactions are fairly common, including mild redness, swelling, itching, bruising, and tenderness. The reactions are generally mild to moderate and usually disappear shortly after the injection. They usually resolve spontaneously within a day or two, but with some treatments they can last longer.

    Am I socially acceptable after the treatment?

    In most cases, our patients are able to return to work or their usual daily activities immediately.

    Is the treatment reversible?

    Hyaluronic acid filler treatments can be reversed with Hyalase to dissolve the product.

    What products are used for the treatment?

    As we age, we lose volume in certain areas of the face, making us look tired and sunken. This is caused by the body's decreased ability to produce collagen and elastin.

    Unlike wrinkles, which can be reduced with muscle relaxants, facial volume and creases require a dermal filler to replenish and hydrate the area.
    Dermal fillers are made from a natural sugar that is already present in the human body. They're an affordable way to replicate the function of this naturally occurring substance and can restore fullness and volume to numerous areas of the face.
    With market-leading cosmetic injection products, we achieve high-quality results that enhance and enhance natural beauty.

    Is there a minimum age for treatment?

    From 18 years. This treatment is suitable for all ages and for anyone who wants to lift the central part of the face or reduce nasolabial folds.

    Who is suitable for the treatment?

    Are injections suitable for everyone?
    People who are most likely to benefit from a dermal filler treatment are:

    -Want to reduce lines and wrinkles
    -Want to build more defined or fuller lips
    -the contours of the face, e.g. B. chin or cheeks, want to define or volumize
    - improve the vitality of the skin to obtain a healthier and hydrated skin tone (eg. B.
    face, hands, neck or cleavage)
    Dermal fillers should not be used on or near areas where there is active skin inflammation or infection. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use dermal fillers. People with diseases that lower the body's immune system or who are taking immunosuppressive therapy may be more susceptible to infections when injected through the skin.

    During the pre-treatment consultation, you should thoroughly discuss your medical history with your Era Expert at ERA Esthetic to ensure dermal fillers are a suitable treatment for you.

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