CRISTAL Fit® – the new “muscle machine”?

17 August 2022


Muscle building without training

Who does not dream of a super body with defined muscles?
This dream can now become a reality and without much effort! More and more people are trying to find alternative methods to get beautiful and defined muscles on certain areas of the body.

The teleshopping channels alone are full of devices that are supposed to help tone and shape one’s body in imaginative ways. In addition, a staggering 12 million people are registered in around 10,000 fitness studios in Germany. This is already a considerable number of people interested in physical fitness.

The other side of the coin is that many people have become lethargic in the last two years and, for whatever reason, can’t bring themselves to go to the gym.

The new method to build muscle without a gym

Even though many people cannot even imagine it, with new scientific knowledge, a method has been developed in which electromagnetic stimulation builds up muscles in specific, predetermined locations. And all this without training, but on the contrary: comfortably in the treatment chair.

In fact, targeted muscle contractions can be triggered by electromagnetic stimulation. With it, you create muscle tension and relaxation without performing any movement or making any effort yourself.

One or the other may have already heard of EMS training. EMS stands for electromyostimulation. This is offered by certain fitness studios. In this method, light electric shocks are generated during dynamic exercises. The aim here is to improve muscular performance and support training processes. For this, one wears surface electrodes on the body during a light training session. Unlike EMS training, the novel method we are presenting today triggers targeted muscle contractions, rather than merely reinforcing them.

As early as the 1950s, physical therapists began using electricity to build up their patients’ muscles after injuries or accidents.

A new device on the market shapes the body

Areas of application for CRISTAL Fit

If you simply don’t have time to go to the gym or schedule workouts, but still have the desire to define your body, the solution may be CRISTAL Fit®. This is a device that uses electromagnetic stimulation to stimulate and “work” the muscles in the desired areas so they can build up. The application takes about 30 minutes and during that time there is time to read a book or do something else for work. The bodyforming treatment with CRISTAL Fit® is carried out “incidentally”.

The CRISTAL Fit® device from the French manufacturer Deleo has the highest Tesla intensity on the market with 5 Tesla per applicator. Tesla is the unit for measuring magnetic flux density. Due to the high intensity and the specific pulse frequency of 400 microseconds, CRISTAL Fit® can treat all areas of the body in depth.

500 training sessions in just one session

Just 30 minutes of CRISTAL Fit® means 500 workouts for the body! Even though it sounds like magic, it is reality and a relaxing way to shape your body and build certain muscle groups. You feel like you’ve had an intense workout after a session and may experience sore muscles. After a few days, further muscle soreness may occur, which is a sign that the body is beginning to build muscle mass. After 4-6 sessions, the effects are visible: the silhouette is shaped and tightening of the abdomen, legs and buttocks is noticeable.

Is muscle building with CRISTAL Fit® suitable for everyone?

People with a pacemaker or women with a copper IUD should refrain from treatment. Metal implants are also a contraindication for CRISTAL Fit®. Likewise, people with cardiovascular diseases or epilepsy patients should better refrain from electrostimulation.

CRISTAL Fit® – that’s how easy it works for us in Frankfurt!

With a CRISTAL Fit® treatment, men and women can build targeted muscle in the areas of the body that are important to them. For example, an untrained person can use CRISTAL Fit® to simulate some workouts at the gym, but even “fit” and muscular people can achieve a little more and further strengthen and define their body.

Simply arrange a consultation with us in Frankfurt and we will create an individual plan for your needs.