Microneedling – what is behind the trend?

14 November 2022

Beautiful woman receiving microneedling rejuvenation treatment. Mesotherapy.

Currently you see a lot on social media about this beauty trend, but what is microneedling and what is behind it?

We have Hollywood to thank for the trend, because the stars love beauty trends that make the facial skin look better and more radiant afterwards. Everyone would like to stop the signs of skin aging. But acne scars or pigment spots can also be so disturbing that you would prefer to remove them. And indeed, it was doctors who began to smooth painful scars with fine needles. It was found that other positive effects also occur when the skin is treated with microneedles. This can refine the skin texture and reduce and minimize wrinkles and pigmentation spots.

The treatment of the face or other parts of the body with microneedles results in minimal injuries on the skin and the creation of so-called microchannels from which blood and wound fluid can escape. In addition, these channels are also particularly well suited to absorbing serums and care products.

So the trend is to use microneedling to refine the appearance of the skin and achieve a rejuvenating effect, especially on the face.

Not all microneedling is the same?

It is necessary to distinguish between cosmetic and medical microneedling. The difference lies mainly in the penetration depth of the microneedles. If the depth of the needles in the top layer of the skin is no more than 0.3 millimeters, it is called cosmetic microneedling; if the depth of the needles is up to 3 millimeters, it is called medical microneedling. More significant effects are achieved with the medical variant. Because the deeper the stimulus is set, the higher the collagen and skin cell regeneration.

How dangerous is the DIY version of microneedling?

The treatment, also called dermarolling, uses a handheld device equipped with needles that is rolled over the face. The so-called dermaroller for home use does not penetrate the skin as deeply as a professional device, but the needles still cause small injuries. The top priority is cleanliness and disinfection! Since the needles penetrate the skin, it is essential that they are germ-free. However, inferior products without professional application information are often found on the market. The material of the needles also plays a decisive role; these should always be made of high-quality materials such as titanium or surgical steel. It is also worth going to professional hands for the subsequent skin care, as many use skincare products that are not suitable for an injured skin. This may cause allergic reactions or rashes.

Is microneedling actually painful?

The fine punctures usually cause only mild pain. Nevertheless, a special anesthetic cream is applied to the skin beforehand to make the treatment even more comfortable. Anesthesia is not required.

How do I look after treatment?

Most often, the skin is irritated and reddened after the treatment. Many compare it visually with a sunburn. Single, tiny hemorrhages may also occur selectively. Within a few days, however, the complaints subside again. Afterwards, the skin feels softer and looks much fresher. Depending on type and age, multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results. As a rule, it takes about 3 treatments, which are performed at 6-week intervals.


Whether cosmetic or medical micro-needling, proper and consistent hygiene is important. In professional institutes, this is always the top priority. Wearing a mouth guard and gloves as a matter of course, disinfecting and sterilizing the device before and after the treatment, as well as the proper application of skincare after the treatment are important points in a microneedling treatment.

In a free consultation, all customers at Era Esthetic are advised in advance and informed about the exact procedure as well as possible risks.